All Wine + Champagne Tumblers

All Wine + Champagne Tumblers

All Wine + Champagne Tumblers



Shop BrüMate's variety of wine tumblers and canteens, featured 100% leakproof locking lids and insulation that will keep your wine fresh from the first sip to the last. Are you a fan of champagne? Check out the insulated champagne flute, which is twice the size of a normal glass flute and specially designed to keep your champagne bubbly!


Hosting a picnic and need your champagne or vino to stay crisp and refreshing? The Togosa is designed to do just that. It's a 2-in-1 bottle pitcher and leakproof pitcher, perfect for bringing your bottles and beverages on the go and keeping them fresh. Check out our guide on how to use the Togosa to get started!

AS SEEN ON THE BLOG: Benefits of Insulated Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers offer many unique benefits, let’s dive in!


All of the BrüMate wine tumblers are 100% leakproof! This makes it easy to bring your wine of choice with you, no matter where you like to drink it! Snuggled on the couch? The Uncork’d XL is the perfect choice. Camping at your favorite spot? The Winesulator Infinity will hold an entire bottle of vino at temp! No matter where you are enjoying your white, red or rosé, it will be secure in a BrüMate tumbler.

No Metal Taste

All of BrüMate’s wine tumblers are stainless steel. This material combined with BrüMate’s innovation is the reason that our wine tumblers keep your vino chilled for up to 48 hours! They are also specifically designed to omit the awful metal taste that most stainless steel tumblers provide.  Each tumbler has its own unique specifications but odds are you’ll finish your wine before the temperature changes.

Perfect for Vacation

The ‘no glass by the pool’ rule can be such a buzzkill for wine lovers! This is where BrüMate wine tumblers come in. All five of our wine tumblers are a different but solid solution to help you follow the rules without compromising your favorite bottle of wine. Now you can take your favorite bottle of wine to the beach or pool, without the headache of those tiny plastic cups. The best part is they are all equipped with a non-slip base which is perfect for those slippery vacation surfaces.

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Wine Tumbler Shape

You will notice that each of the BrüMate wine tumblers have a unique shape. This is because our goal is to mimic the shape of glasses made for each type of wine. For example our Winesulator mimics the shape of a wine bottle, the Uncork’d XL mimics the shape of a table wine glass and we did our best with our Champagne Flute’s shape to keep your champagne as bubbly as possible.

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